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Jonathan Brown's Analysis of Learning Design Representations

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Mr Jonathan G Brown
26 March 2017
























The information was presented clearly and simply – fairly easy to read to gain an understanding of the overall structure of the lesson.

I was unsure about what some of the icons represented.

Not much detail about what occurred in specific elements of the lesson.

The representation expressed the structure of the parts of the lesson, the timings required, the roles required, and resources needed.

While the flow diagram (figure 2) provided a clear overview of the lesson’s structure and timings, I was unconvinced by the conceptual diagram in figure 1.  This seemed overly complex and time-consuming to create, with little added benefit.  The list of activities given at the start of the article was more informative.

While it may have been useful to give a snapshot of the various elements of my learning design, it doesn’t allow for the fine details that are so essential to planning.  There was nothing, for example, about the questions asked by the teacher, nothing about differentiation, nothing that stated the objectives and whether they were met.

Aside from the overview provided by the flow diagram, I don’t feel this would have benefited my learning design.  I think it would take a long time to capture what I could quickly write in a list of bullet points.





e-Design Template






This was also easy to read, providing an understanding of both structure and the content of specific learning activities.

In addition to overall structure and timings, this expressed in more detail what was occurring in specific learning activities.

This was a useful model that allows the teacher to quickly assess:

  1. The balance of teacher/student and student/student interactions.
  2. The frequency and type of assessment.
  3. The balance between open and closed activities.

I think this would have been a useful way to express my design, showing an overall snapshot as well as detail of specific parts of the lesson.  It could easily allow addition of information such as differentiation and specific learning objectives.

I like the way this foregrounds the importance of scaffolding towards independent learning – this would have been ideal for my learning design.  I think this could have allowed me to recognise early on that I was perhaps jumping too quickly to independent, open activity.  More instruction and closed activity at the start would have been beneficial to the overall outcomes.





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