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Introduction to cloudworks

Introduction to cloudworks

added by Jennifer Noyes


Maria Strange
6:35pm 26 March 2017

Maria Strange
10:30pm 26 March 2017

Nice and clear presentation to introduce Cloudworks - thanks Jennifer

Katie Janota
2:49pm 28 March 2017

When I used the Seach facility to find your cloud, it came up with no results. I had to scan through all the alphabetically listed Hs to find you!

Maria Strange
7:58pm 28 March 2017

Oh no! I might have done something wrong (?)

Brendan Kilshaw
9:16pm 3 April 2017

I found your cloud via the discussions tab on the cloudstream page ( I quite like this view of activity on the site because it rolls up the most recent submissions. 

Thanks for sharing the video by the way, I hadn't found that yet!


Jelena Green
5:58am 25 May 2017

Hello - I found you using search by cloud name. :-) Thank you for posting this!

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