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Andy Brooks: H800 Healthy Eating design representations comparison

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Andy Brooks
27 March 2017

The 2 representations I chose are the 4 T's model and Web collage.


The 4 T's model is very readable and follows a linear path which I like, this makes it very user friendly and it is also very easy to see what at which point at a glance. Web collage could suit somebody who likes to visualise more and it is very flexible and can accomodate more complex information on one single representation.


Both representations are expressive but the web collage lends itself more to expressionas it has the visual elements and allows the user to incorporate many different aspects in the single representation. This could work very well from the perspective of the healthy eating activity as it is spread over many weeks and the web collage represenntaion allows a complete overview. This is not to say the 4 T's lacks expression, but is a lot more simplistic in design.


Ease of use is the 4 T's strength as everything for that lesson can be seen at a glance and it is very easy to see what is happening, by whom and with what. The web collage is a lot more involved and less user friendly, but its strengths lay in other areas.

I chose the 2 above as they had good contrasting elements, I did, however, really like the e-design for both its simplicity and also the scaffolding features.


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