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Uffe Frandsens Design Narrative: What can you learn from making videos?

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Uffe Frandsen
28 March 2017

What can you learn from making videos?



Uffe Frandsen, Videojournalist assisting educators in the production of educational videos at a University College in Denmark.




Working with educators who generally have a lot of experience as practitioners in a physical classroom situation but little experience with using communicating with and on video.


Producing educational videos in collaboration with educators  for use in a MOOC.




Before: Giving access to a list of online resources with information for educators on educational video production prepared from previous experience and known research on the subject. Trying to introduce the situation in the studio through examples, photos etc.


On set: Trying to make a relaxed atmosphere, listening to ideas and challenges, taking the time necessary, doing all the retakes the educators want, being supportive, making sure all technical aspects of the videoproduction is taken care of.


After: Giving educators access to the videos to watch, download and requiring changes or retakes..



  • Educational videos
  • Increased awareness of how to present on camera as opposed to presenting in a classroom situation.
  • The educator experiencing and learning from being on camera and watching the material with or without colleagues.
  • Production of educational videos with technical assistance.
  • Critical awareness of the potential of educational video in terms of communicating in new ways online and saving time in the long run.
  • Learning about the challenges, possibilities the practitioner/educator see in producing educational video.


The best times are when educators overcome their issues with being on camera and see new potentials for communicating with new media types in their daily work. This can lead to





I learn a lot from trying to see what I do from another persons perspective and trying to adapt my skills to fit with theirs and achieve the best result.


Being on camera is very different from being in a classroom situation and takes training, but people/educators/practitioners often get positive experiences from getting training and start to use video in new ways, either recorded by med or by themselves.

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