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Comparison of e-Design Template and 4Ts Model

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Sian Fairley
28 March 2017

I found that both of these representations were visually appealing; they both use columns to show the different "steps" of the activity in chronological order and they indicate aspects such as the number of students involved and the form of interaction i.e. student-student, teacher-student. The 4Ts model is perhaps more practical for teachers involved in lesson planning, while the e-Design template can also provide an overview of activities in both a single lesson and a longer course.

The e-Learning template is perhaps not ideal for the healthy eating activity example as it doesn't really include learning technologies. However, it is useful for examining whether the activity is structured in a way that develops student autonomy or the "self-organised learner", if this is one of the learning objectives for the lesson. I think that this template might be best used for a series of lessons or a whole course to give an overview of this progression from tutor instruction to independent student learning.
The 4ts model is very similar to the lesson plans I use as an English teacher. It includes nearly all of the same criteria, with the exception of learning outcomes and lesson objectives. It's like an example of best practice lesson planning, so it's very detailed, but not necessarily the most efficient way to plan all the time, especially if it's part of a longer course with many lessons.

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