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Stephanie's comparison of 4Ts and e-learning approaches to learning design.

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Stephanie Gordon
29 March 2017

I have created a table to visualise my review of the two approaches to learning design:


4Ts Model

e-learning Model







Very easy to follow

The codes (e.g. group sizes) weren’t clear and perhaps unnecessary

Can see clear link between the table and the ‘best practice principles’ diagram.

The codes given are not clear.



Very little detail about the context of the class (e.g. motivation) or previous knowledge. Shows no personal or emotional connection to the lesson.

Open space for learning so teacher can give as much detail as they need. 

Could do with making an additional top row for identifying previous knowledge.


Could be easy to adapt for any lesson plan

Doesn’t explain assessment methods.

Useful for demonstrating that students should be working towards the aim of being self-directed learners. It also shows the clear link between the method of interaction and assessment.

Use of technology is not explicit in the model and so it needs to be included implicitly or new codes need to be added for this.


I would use not 4Ts for communicating my design because I like to use a lot of assessment (formative or summative) and the model does not encourage this to be integrated into the plan. The e-learning approach links interaction and assessment together, as when one diversifies, so must the other. This is a very important consideration for me as a teacher. When combined with the ‘best practice principles’ diagram it is also clear how learning will progress over time and how each lesson will contribute towards the learner becoming more self-organised.

Neither approach gives an opportunity to identify a context for differentiation in learning activities or assessment. I would include this for each stage of the e-learning table.


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