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Suzy Englands Review of Design Representations

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Suzy England
29 March 2017

I have chosen to review e-design template and the 4 T's. I found both very similar and would feel confident using either of the representations.


Both design representations were easy to digest and understand. The terminology used in both representations were user friendly. I thought my other collegues in HE (who are experimenting with blended learning) could pick these design representations up with ease.  


Both design representations keep the process simple (4 areas to consider). Possibly not as expressive as the others, however for teachers new to teaching and learning, the simplicity makes the design representations user friendly.


Both provide a useful structure which can be built on in further discussion with fellow teachers and designers. Both of these design representations provide a starting point for those new to teaching or perhaps new to developing blended learning resources (in my case). More detailed representations may be required in pure online learning (where there is no face to face contact time) or when reviewing an online learning activity that needs evaluating e.g where there appears to be a flaw in the design which is leading to disengagment.

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