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Ellie Dommett's Representation Review

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Eleanor Dommett
29 March 2017

I chose to compare the 4Ts model  ( and the e-deisgn template (

In terms of readability, I found the e-design template far more readable. It seemed to be in plain English whereas the other felt more like a programming language and I found it hard to follow in parts. I think it also looked easier to construct and could be done in something like excel.

Reflecting on their utility I can see benefits to both and looking at what I do in my current practice I think I have a combination of the two!

  • The e-design option was less system-focussed and more student/learner focussed, so it may have better utility when learning is flexible or skills based rather than content based. Similar it may be better when it is felt that a clear student sent planning phase is needed (for example, where this is part of a culture shift in a university).
  • The e-design option seems to have a more logical progression and it looks at activities in a way that I think divides them by what they mean and feel like to experience as a learner so it would support ensuring activities were not always the same. It could also be useful when applied across a series of activities, modules or even qualifications, to be sure that you are progressing to student managed open activities and  the students becoming independent learners.
  • The 4Ts model really breaks down what is needed and I think factors in resource, which is critical (staff, time and facilities). This is critical when any of these are in short supply. It is also helpful in producing a gap analysis e.g. if  particularl software is needed or training is required.
  • I am worried that the lack of hiearchy in the 4Ts because this could lead to a situation where the tail wags the dog. That said, this could also be the place of innovation and a good way to really pick apart existing practice to see what steps are needed.

I think that, the best learning would be a combination of these two - almost creating a matrix.

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