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Nicki Berry's review of SPPIces and e-design template

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Nicki Berry
29 March 2017

 SPPIcese-learning template
Readability I found the content easy to read and understand. The explanation given, before the screenshots, was clear and informative. The only thing that was a little unclear is how the 'I' in the acronym stands for History. The information given at the beginning provides an overview of the tool but it doesn't explain the four sections in the visual. It is, however, easy to follow from the diagram to the table of activities.
Expressiveness The screenshot shows a diagram, split into quarters. This is a really good way of showing the 4 sections. It expresses clearly what is going to happen in the learning situation. For people who like a visual representation, this model may not be as helpful. The table shows clear information but the format is more tabular and must be read, rather like a lesson plan.
Utility I think this is a useful tool for communicating the learning design. It doesn't need much in the way of additional explanation and it could easily be passed between teachers and shared more widely. Again, I think this is a useful tool that shows the planned progression of activities. I like the fact that progression from supported to independent learning is made clear.

I am more familiar with traditional lesson planning systems, used in primary schools. Whilst these are nice visual representations, I feel that they lack a lot of the essential information that a traditional lesson plan would include. They do look prettier though.

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