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Katie Janota - Design narrative: Documenting students’ achievements for course accreditation

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Katie Janota
30 March 2017


I was the learning designer on this project.



Cranfield University runs a suite of environmental management courses which are accredited. The courses run three times a year with 20 students in each cohort. The course director identified a need for an on-line integrated system to allow them to track students’ progress and to offer visibility to course sponsors and the accrediting body.



The course director wanted to be able to quickly switch between student profiles, and be able to record formative assessment results during the course, as well as collate and record their results from the end of course exams.



I created a Moodle page which contained:

  • Instructions for the student
  • A quiz comprising a selection of essay questions from which the students should choose two, and a bank of multiple choice questions which presents 20 random questions to the students. The pass mark for the quiz is 60%.
  • A database which contains an alphabetical list of all the students which is searchable and shows the record of achievement for each student.

In addition we used Mahara (e-portfolio) to host:

  • 23 activity sheets for students to complete individually
  • a Continuous Professional Development (CPD) log for students to record their CPD hours


This solution was developed in an agile manner, mocking up pages and responding to course needs. It will continue to evolve and adapt following feedback from the users.


Issues include the fact that the academic has to manually input additional delegate information into the database as well as manually mark the essay questions in the Gradebook and input the results into the database.



The result is a combination of manual and automatic in-puts that allows flexible access for relevant parties, and provides a verifiable record of attendance and results to ensure quality control across the courses.


The next step will be to enable the automatic creation of groups in Mahara when groups are created in Moodle. Ideally, all manual stages of the designed solution would be automated and competency tracking developed alongside the current system, either with Moodle’s own Competency Framework module or Mahara Smart Evidence. Finally, badges would be introduced to link with CDP evidence to enable better tracking of the students’ progress


The transferable insights I gained were how to use the database activity in Moodle and how to create activity sheet templates in Mahara.


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