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Katie Janota's review of Healthy Eating design representations

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Katie Janota
30 March 2017

For my review I am going to choose the 4Ts model and the CADMOS model.

The 4Ts model is very simple to follow and is useful in that it allocates a time to each activity. The 'technology' column is a little confusing as it includes an output resource but doesn't indicate the technology environment used for the output. For example, the video (input) is done in a video player environment, but the questions (output) cannot be done in the video player environment, so there must be another environment required for the output.

I also liked the visual representation of the activities in the CADMOS graphical editor (even though this wasn't one of the design approaches used in the Rashomon1 paper). It works really well with the 14 activites for this particular lesson, but I think it may get a bit unwieldy if there were more than 20 activities. This graphical representation doesn't show any time allocation.

I would consider both of these representations for my own design as they both lend themselves to incorporating the different activities across the two platforms (Moodle and Mahara).

However, I have created my own representation which was used for a poster presentation and expresses the different inputs visually (see attached link).

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