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Tracey Adams’s design representation discussion: eDesign and 4SPPIces models

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Tracey Adams
31 March 2017

The "Healthy Eating" in an e-Design Template (and the associated discussion cloud) is extremely readable. I like the way that the design is represented in a simple table and it’s temporal aspect appeals to me as this is something I struggle with and have to continually take into account. I like the tabular form with easy to understand column headings.  However I felt that it may be too simple and this was expressed in the cloud discussion where the lack of aims in the table was discussed by Adrian Pickering (2015) “Having titled it "Healthy Eating" there are no references to the topics aims or learning outcomes”.  I think if you have to write an account to accompany the table to explain your aims and objectives then it doesn’t work as a standalone tool. 

There are other uses expanded on in the Cloud discussion.  For example Sarah Dain (2015) felt “It could help with reflection after delivery of the syllabus, to see where more of one type or less of another may help in the whole process e.g. was there too much time spent on tutor led closed activities and could this be changed to a task where students manage their own learning”.  I like this idea, that the plan is used and reviewed against time spent and value added.

Important aspects of the design seemed to me to be missing – such as the video detail, the setting (classroom layout and equipment needs), the methodology of collecting questions or showing sample data, the techniques and technology used.  In short it seems to me to be lacking in a provision of a thorough understanding of the learning design.  I do not think that it fulfils all the requirements of a learning design representation.

"Healthy Eating" as a 4SPPIces Model (and the associated discussion cloud)

This one is harder to puzzle out, although it appeals in that it covers more of the bases. I like that it would make course planning easier as it specifies the physical an virtual spaces required for each lesson.  The interactive and collaborative nature of the LdSHAKE is very appealing and would provide a useful tool in development. I think I would need someone to show me how to use it where as the eDesign template is very straight forward. However this would appeal to me more in the long term as it would be more useful. I can see that by this method you would be able to explain a learning design without need for further documentation.  Whereas with the eDesign template I felt there were important aspects missing, this seems to have more covered. 

Unfortunately there is no discussion on the Cloud regarding this option.



Adrian Pickering (1 April 2015) Discuss: "Healthy Eating" in an e-Design Template (available online Accessed on 31/3/17.



Sarah Dain (2 April 2015) Discuss: "Healthy Eating" in an e-Design Template (available online Accessed on 31/3/17.

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The eDesign template is very quick and easy. It allows the designer to identify a lack of open activities and leads them to look for ways to move towards the self organised learner.  It does not focus the designer’s mind on the technology that would enable this.

The 4SPPIces Model would take a lot longer to produce as it is more detailed and seems to require use of software.  It would take longer to get going with and may be less self explanatory to another teacher picking up the lesson plan. However it is possible to fill in the PM/P/S and H easily and it does lead one to consider the technology and pedagogical methods more accurately.

Tracey Adams
13:46 on 31 March 2017

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