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Uffe Frandsens review of representations

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Uffe Frandsen
31 March 2017

E-design template

I like the simplicity and graphical laid out explanation of this model, which certainly adheres to some useful principles, for example

"E-Learning is accessible, activity-led, collaborative and designed in phases that support, scaffolds and increases learner independence".

This find this point important as I find the aspect of collaboration in e-learning is often overlooked.

4Ts model

I find this model useful in the sense that it sets a specific timeframe for the different activities and focuses on the roles of the teacher and student. I do think it can be a hard task to define "technologies", as this can be many things but is often misunderstood as only digital or new technology tools.

4SPPIces Model

The objective of this model is important, as I find we need more focus on how technicians and practitioners work together. The text states that technicians know the potential of media types, but I think it is even more important that practitioners know this so they can use it for the good of their students. According to this model, the "History tab" in the LDshake layout should be used by a technician who should find out how to support the different factors, but I do think this should be done by a practitioner with an adequate technical literacy.

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