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Vicki McDermott-Thompson - Healthy Eating Learning Design 4TS & e-Design

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Vicki McDermott-Thompson
31 March 2017

Healthy eating as a 4TS model

  • Readability - the model is well explained. The explanation of symbolism and how it relates to the model helped me to understand the content.
  • Expressiveness - the model was presented both visually and with an explanation of the visual depiction. The explanation of how the components combined and worked together through a cyclical, iterative process made it clear how the model works in the learning situation.
  • Utility - the model was explained clearly both generally and in relation to the scenario. The critical analysis that was offered helped to see where the model could be further developed.

Healthy eating in an e-Design template

  • Readability - a brief surface outline/explanation of the model. Images/models were used in place of explanation.
  • Expressiveness - almost a 'factual' stance, quite matter of fact. Diagrams not explained in text form requiring reader to work out and connect what is going on.
  • Utility - lack of explanation of what happens at each stage. Assumes each stage will be successful - does not consider things going wrong, adapting for any issues etc.


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