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Nicki Berry's design narrative: New Tutor Induction

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Nicki Berry
31 March 2017

Title New Tutor Induction



Several times a year, we recruit new adult learning tutors. Part of my role as Area Manager is to ensure that they receive a complete induction before they begin teaching for us.


Our new tutors come from a wide variety of professional (and sometimes non-professional) backgrounds. There is a lot of information that they need to know and be able to apply before they can start teaching. Some of this is connected to our place within the wider corporate setting of the council and some is connected with our internal processes for managing a large number of courses, spread over a large geographical area.


Next Thursday, I have 6 new tutors coming to spend the day at one of my Adult Learning Centres, to undertake Tutor Induction. I need to be well prepared, not only for the sections that I deliver but for overseeing the whole day.


  1. Tutors will complete an online e-induction package before attending the face-to-face (F2F) session. 
  2. Area Managers will conduct a F2F session to present various operational aspects of the service. 
  3. The Group Manager and Safeguarding Officer will present Safeguarding and Prevent training. 
  4. The curriculum team will present VLE training. 
  5. Members of the Quality Team will go through our planning requirements: schemes of work and session plans. 
  6. Members of the Quality Team will go through RARPA process and/or accredited courses and all the associated paperwork, ILPs and evidence requirements. 
  7. Tutors will book a centre induction at each centre they will be teaching from. 


At the end of each session, tutors will be asked to complete an evaluation. These have been used in the past to improve the induction package but they haven’t been completely successful. We have found that tutors are very happy with the induction on the day but then later realise that it has been insufficient to meet their needs. For this reason, we undertook a survey of all tutors who started teaching in the last 2 years and asked them for more detailed feedback about the induction process.

For this presentation of the induction package, the F2F element has been significantly expanded from 90 minutes to 5 hours.


On the whole, the day was successful. I led the first session and assisted in the Safeguarding session. All the new tutors seemed to be actively engaged in both of these and took a lot from each session. In later sessions, I was there but doing my own work but the general feel was still positive.

In the early afternoon sessions, my main worry was that some of the tutors were beginning to look a little shell-shocked, as if they thought they might have taken on too much. Perhaps it was all a bit overwhelming. However, if that is a true reflection, I would rather know before they start teaching than two or three weeks into a course.

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Nicki Berry
08:32 on 4 April 2017

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