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A1b: Reflecting on a personal experience

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Munir Moosa Sewani
1 April 2017

Title: Collaborative reflective practices using micro-teaching

Narrator: Facilitator
Situation: I have been teaching BS Education to female students at SMI University, Karachi, Pakistan for the past few years. One of the subjects I am teaching these days is Reflective Practices (started date: January 2017). All the teachers are putting no stone unturned to train the prospective teachers to becoming the competent practitioners. I personally observed that though the prospective teachers have acquired knowledge, and are familiarized with the teaching methodologies, but they are hesitant to deliver teaching to the students. This I observed during the second week of February, when the prospective teachers, the key actors were asked to prepare a lesson for a teaching session to conduct in a school next week. Few of the students were unsure, how to introduce a lecture; few were perplexed to decide, which activity to use during the session; while most of them were hesitant to deliver a lecture in front of school-going children the first time. One of the reasons could be no previous exposure to the teaching practices in the real classroom settings.
Task: To develop confidence among the prospective teachers and to provide them opportunity to improve their teaching practices through micro-teaching before entering the field. I took feedback from all the prospective teachers on observation sheet, observed their microteaching session,  filled the observation sheet as well as provided remarks to them for improving teaching practices.
Actions: First, I delivered a presentation on micro-teaching. Later I asked them to make a small plan on any area of teaching they would like to improve  like activity, introducing a session, etc., for 5-8 minutes. I arranged a video recorder, designed an observation sheet and also invited other class fellows to join as observers. On the next day, most of the students refused to allow me for video recording due to traditional and cultural boundary. I dropped the idea and took consent from them to audio-record their sessions as alternative.  Each one came forward to deliver a lecture of 5-8 minutes. All the prospective teachers used the observation sheet to mark the performance of each one, and also highlighted strengths and areas of improvement in the open column. The audio-clippings were also played, but was less appreciated. I also highlighted strengths and weaknesses of each prospective teachers.
Results: It was a good session, but I would have taken consent for audio/video recording earlier for smooth execution of plan. The session helped participants to gain confidence, and improve their teaching practices. The prospective teachers were quiet satisfied with the observations made by the fellows to improve their practices, but I never expected that the idea of video recording won’t work. I also felt that they were a bit reluctant/hesitant due to audio recordings as well.

Reflections: I am happy that I helped my students to improving their practices. I think audio and video recording was not a good option, when the participants were not satisfied with it, keeping in view the cultural context. In the next phase, I should accompany them to the real classroom setting.


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