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Will Woods review of representations

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Will Woods (student)
1 April 2017

Healthy Eating activity using 4 Ts model

Tasks, teams, technology and time - seems intuitive and easy to understand. 

Process is messy but output is clear and tidy, this seems like a good way to manage an evolving process of working out the best strategy.

Swimlanes provide a good visual representation. Team swim lane  include teaching and student groups. I'm not sure if this would be good for highly orchastrated sequences (Versailles treaty). 

Lanes can split into sub-lanes e.g. for technology.

Tasks lead structure

possibly works better for collaborative task based activity but can work on others like healthy eating. Looks like it would favour online activities but could work for blended or face to face.

 I found the visual form satisfying as I reminded me of process diagrams in software development so very logical and readable.

I think there is a danger that the task oriented approach might make the designs follow a particular type and contrict teaching methods.

Healthy Eating activity using e-Design template

Constructivist pedagogic model. Chunks designed around time and expectations of a task. Design around type (self/peer/tutor) and choices Works for either f2f or online.

Easier to spot gaps in teaching approach.

I struggled a bit to find the context. Learning outcomes?

I think this would take me longer to get to grips with than the 4Ts model but ultimately it may provide a more comprehensive form of representation. i.e. I may be more expressive.


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