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Amy's comparison of the 4SPPIces Model & the e-Deisgn Template

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Amy O'Donnell
3 April 2017

I chose to compare 4SPPIces Model and the e-Design Template. I selected these two models as they are grounded in different approaches. 
4SPPIces Model-
e-Design Template-
  • I thought that both representations were easy to read and follow. Both provided a visual that adequately demonstrated the procedures. I preferred the 4SPPIces Model as it looked more open to student collaboration rather than teacher directed like the e-Design Template. As the application was stated (IdShake) it was easy to google and have a quick look at the LdShake platform that was to be used.
  • As both representations provided visual images it helps to support the reader. I liked how the 4SPPIces Model had different tabs for the users to follow, this provides a clear journey for the users and a place to document ideas. 
  • The 4SPPIces Model clearly displays the process for collaboration and where it would take place (virtual space). It is detailed making it easy to use. The e-Design Template, though provided a clear flow digram of the process had little information beyond Active Induction and Guided Exploration. That said, it was clear to find out what was happening in the Active Induction and Guided Exploration. 
Adequacy for expressing my design
  • 4SPPIces Model- This model perhaps is not quite adequate for my design due to the nature of my design being more of a workshop using a mix of technology and non-technology materials. I would need to restructure and change my design to fit with the use of IdShake.
  • e-Design Template- This would be adequate for displaying the structure of my design.
The benefits of using these representations for my design
  • 4SPPIces Model- this would provide a collaborative virtual space for the learning to take place and also a place to document the learning and store the tools and resources needed for the design.
  • e-Design Template- this would provide a clear structure to the design and would highlight to myself whether my design is too teacher led and whether it needs to provide more open activities.

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