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Claire's design representation analysis

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Claire Richardson
6 April 2017

The e-Design template was the most familiar model to me and the type of learning design I routinely use when carrying out online tutorials. This learning design is influenced by Laurillard, 1993 whose work I am familiar with. I therefore found it quite readable and I was able to relate to its use.

I think template is useful for activities where a relatively high amount of scaffolding is needed as the teacher has the opportunity to lead discussion. This format might be useful for the early stages of first year undergraduate courses when students are unfamiliar with each other and may be less comfortable cartung out lengthy student-student interactions.

I found the remaining templates less familiar and more challenging to conceptualize, but I am interested in looking beyonf the e-Design template, particularly for the higher level courses I tutor on. I have seen the Design Priniciples Database on another course and this is a resource I would like to spend more time exploring as it might help me design tutorials to encourage more student-student interaction.




Laurillard, D. (1993) Rethinking university teaching: a framework for the effective use of
educational technology, Routledge, London.

Donatella et L. (2013) Learning design Rashomon I – supporting the design of one
lesson through different different approaches, Research in Learning Technology, 21:1, 20224, DOI: 10.3402/rlt.v21i0.20224

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