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Michael Wood - Learning Design exercise - 4ts and ISiS

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Michael Wood
7 April 2017


I found that the 4 Ts model was very easy to understand, and you can see the progress of the learning experience mapped out very well.

I found the ISiS model to be very "technical" - I would imagine that if you were a computer programmer this would make a lot of sense to you, but it was a bit lost on me.


The 4 Ts model really expresses the learning experience, in particular the swim lane approach, which is very graphically engaging.  I felt, however, that it did not really express the journey - how the designer had arrived at these conclusions i.e. what was the thought behind the particular approach.

I felt that the ISiS model did this much better, in that it showed how the different levels of thinking came together to create the overall learning approach.  In terms of using this model to then create a learning experience, however, I felt that the 4 Ts was much better at this.


I believe that the 4 Ts would be much more suitable for most training environments, as these areas are definitely always going to be the case, even if Technology is just "the classroom", it is still there.

The ISiS model is also very useful, although as I say above, I feel that it is quite difficult to read.

Relevance to my example

In terms of my example form the forum, the 4 Ts would have really helped me as it is a logical, step by step way to break down what you are doing and understand it.  If I had been aware of this at the time, I think it would have gone much easier for me!  I do not tihnk I would get much out of the ISiS model, however, as I find it too difficult to read.  

Being able to lay out the individuals involved, the technology available and what is required is a great way to put a learning experience together, so the 4 Ts wins it for me.

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