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Leanne's comparisons: 4T's model and ISiS model

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Leanne Johnstone
7 April 2017

The 4T's model was much easier to read than the ISiS model which used complicated language and terms that I would consider jargon. The ease at which the 4T's model could be understood would, in my opinion, lead to more consistent usage and in turn this would allow practitioners to share learning designs more effectively. Both papers use diagrams which support the reader in understanding the model, this is especially effective for the ISiS model due to its complicated wording.

The ISiS model is supported by software called ScenEdit tool which allows the practitioner to visualise the components into groups. Whilst the results are effective and clearly present the information, I am unsure of the added value of using the tool compared to providing a list.

 The 4T's model would be more suited to the learning activity described in my design narrative. I would be more likely to use the 4T's model as I think I would quickly become overwhelmed by the ISiS model.

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