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Gill B's comparison of 4 Ts and 4SPPices

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Gillian Bowles
9 April 2017


4 Ts

4 SPPices


Easy to read and comprehend

Required a bit more attention to detail as the concept of “history” I found confusing.


The swim lane style table was clear and effective at expressing the activities and technology to be used by teacher and student and shows the process and location for collaboration.

Liked the representation on LdSHAKE, had I been on the site I believe I could easily have found aspects of the activity I wanted to focus on.


An easy to use way to communicate aspects of design. However, the design process is messy with a lot of switching between the four dimensions as each change is made.

Being embedded in LdSHAKE makes it easy for practitioners to work collaboratively and could be useful for student evaluation.

My Learning Design “Permission to Express”– A workshop that does not take advantage of technology other than music and guided meditation played on a music system.

I think this representation would have been useful when planning my learning design especially with regards to Teams and Time. Changing the sharing part of the workshop had a great impact on the time and this would have been useful when adapting the plan for the second day. Also when updating the manual after the workshop this would have expressed the nature of the sharing and the balance of time very well for other teachers.

This representation would not have been useful as my participants were not using technology and working collaboratively or seeking  information from outside sources.


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