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Sarah's H800 activity 2a discussion

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Sarah McKernan
10 April 2017

I looked at the 4Ts and the web collage approaches.  I found the 4 Ts straightforward and clear but I struggled more with the web collage, which I found quite complicated and needed quite a bit of explanation.  However, in terms of expressiveness, the web collage allowd more freedom of expression, whereas the 4Ts was more proscriptive and linear in design.  However, the (self-admitted) limitations, such as not allowing timing of activities to be included, means that the web collage approach would be less useful in practice.

I think the 4Ts could easily be applied to my sesign and that it would be a useful map but could also be used to record the experience in a reflective way.  The difference between the 2 versions (before and after the event) could be really interesting and effectively show the practical issues that occurred and were addressed in delivery.

Although the web collage approach could be use and would effectively demonstrate physical arrangement, it would not really act as a plan as, for example, timings of activities are not included.  It almost seems to act as a map, rather than a route planner. 

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