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Martin's comments on Healthy Eating Representations - 4Ts and WebCollage

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Martin Doran
11 April 2017

I looked first at the 4Ts approach to learning design for the Healthy Eating lesson. I liked the layout of the plan and the use of 'swimming lanes' to organise the information. This made it easier to see, at a glance, what is meant to be happening at each key point along the timeline. From the commentary provided, it is clear that people using this design approach need to be aware of how a change in one aspect of the plan - for instance, in the use of a particular technology - can impact on other parts of the plan, such as the timing of an activity, or the composition of teams. Nevertheless, the ability to have the big-picture overview helps to manage this. Another significant strength of the 4Ts approach is that the finished plan is relatively easy for anyone who is not involved in the initial design stage to read and use. This approach would work very well for the lesson on Japan that I describe for my activity 1b. The other design approach, which uses the WebCollage software, seems much more complicated. The graphical representation of the approach is confusing and I could not follow the logic of the design. The accompanying commentary was little better and it seems to me that this approach might be easier to understand if I was fully involved in the learning design process for the Healthy Eating lesson. I can't see how I could plan a useful lesson with the WebCollgage tool.

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