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Nadene Mackay's Review of Design Representations

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Nadene Charlotte Mackay
15 April 2017

I have chosen to review the 4Ts and the e-design template. For readability, I found both were relatively straightforward to understand although the 4Ts provided a more in-depth outline which promoted deeper understanding and thinking as I continued reading. For expressiveness,the accompanying diagrams, especially the 4Ts swim lane graphic, allowed you to cross reference your own understanding from the written text so that meaning was conveyed and expressed in dual ways. For me, the visual representations helped enforce the methods by which learning can be designed effectively taking into account the range of media, tools, learning outcomes to be used and aimed for. For utility,I found both to be very useful and would opt to trial using both in my own contexts. The description of the need for the designer to juggle all 4 components in the 4Ts made me recall Salomon's paper and the understanding I took from it of the need to triangulate learning outcomes, chosen representations and pedagogical approaches. The interconnectedness of the components forces you as the designer, I imagine, to be cognizant of the mutual benefits of each component must complement the other to achieve the desired outcome. I also think the 4Ts encourages lateral thinking and enables visualization of the learning via a bird's eye view. The e design template is very useful in enabling a gap analysis in the design especially if one is striving towards tutor as more coach and facilitator. For my own design, both would be more than adequate for expressing it in that the 4Ts could demonstrate the most important information about the social structure and the Team's composition which are heavily relied upon in this design whilst the e-Design template supports a move towards the tutor as facilitator (again the primary aim in my design) and the students as self organised learners.

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