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Lucie - Comparison of the 4Ts model and the e-Design Template

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Lucie Klimankova
15 April 2017

Comparison of  the 4Ts  model and the e-Design Template


  • Both easy to read and understand.
  • The diagrams are self-explanatory without reading the text.
  • The e-Design template seems more comprehensive and provides more details about the individual stages. The timeline is also useful.



  • Both visually descriptive.
  • The learning design is represented in a structured format.
  • The e-design template is perhaps more descriptive at giving the designer a clear guidance.



  • Neither 4Ts or e-design are driven by the use of a particular technology.
  • E-design seems more useful for longer periods of learning although the review suggests it’s used for shorter sessions as well.
  • 4Ts seems more flexible, giving the designer more space for customisation.
  • The principles of the e-design template focus of the different types of interaction moving from tutor led activities to guided exploration and developing self-organised study.

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