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Study time distribution among learning activities: VLE usage and Technology determinants

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Rebecca Ferguson
15 May 2017

Nuria Hernandez-Nanclares and Cecilia Díaz-Méndez

This poster answers tentatively the question of how Spanish public University undergraduates share their out-of-class study time among learning activities when they are involved in a "World Economy" first-year “Flipped-Classroom”-style Business and Economics Degree course. This type of learning demands from student a combination of technological and multimedia activities with other more traditional-style studying, most of all of them supported by Virtual Learning Environments (VLE).
The research combines the time usage information provided by the Spanish Time Use Survey (spain, 2010), with the record students do of how much time they devote to four different learning activities: watching videos, VLE use, traditional study, and prior preparation for in-class activities. So, we can know when undergraduates study, related with the rest of their working day, and how technology affects their distribution of study time. Therefore, we are better equipped to design a more efficient combination of traditional learning activities with VLE uses considering students’ internet usage and extrauniversity working dynamics.

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