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The production of subjectivity through adaptations of assessment at UNED

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Rebecca Ferguson
15 May 2017

Ana Belén Andreu and Tiberio Feliz

Universities are in constant transformation adapting to new global trends. In the scenario of disabilities, the university has still the challenge of giving value to permanent changes since the implementation of the European Higher Education (EEES). In this sense, due to its methodological characteristics, the UNED has always attended the highest number of university students with disabilities and consequently has created has the University Disability Assistance Centre (UNIDIS) to support these students.
A strong point to assure the inclusion of students with disabilities is the assessment process. The evaluation of learning must be adapted by diverse ways to guarantee the equity and performance. Sometimes this process generates some dissonances with the normative precepts established to achieve "usual" purposes. In this sense, the main objective of our research is to analyse the elements (believes, values, practices, attitudes ...) that determine the subjectivity of students with disabilities through adaptations in their assessment at UNED.
We present some main lines that place us in the process to evaluate needs to support adaptations for students with disabilities at UNED and the advances in our research.

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