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A European pilot study of a modular assessment system designed to authenticate the authorship of online learners

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Rebecca Ferguson
15 May 2017

Duygu Bektik, Simon Cross, Wayne Holmes, Lyubka Aleksieva and Denise Whitelock

In this presentation, we will discuss a pilot study (carried out at seven universities across Europe including the Open University and involving more than 300 students) which investigated a prototype online assessment authentication system currently in development by the EU-funded TeSLA project (, EU H2020 Grant Agreement: 688520). TeSLA (Adaptive trust-based e-assessment system for learning) aims to allow the vast numbers of learners enrolled in online learning programmes to participate in secure online assessment. It uses a range of software technologies to help authenticate learner authorship: voice/face recognition, keystroke pattern detection, anti-plagiarism and writing style (forensic) analysis.

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