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Rebecca Ferguson
15 May 2017

James Little

Abstract:MOOCs have been hyped, written about and produced extensively since 2012, which was ‘the year of the MOOC’ (Pappano 2012). Yet in 2017 they have not yet gone away. Whilst ‘online’ and ‘digital’ learning are the new buzzwords what has changed, been enabled and developed through producing MOOCs? An extensive 3-year Masters research journey to understand the rationale, implementation and impacts of MOOCs upon Higher Education Institutions now presents key findings.

The international MOOC survey features responses from 28 countries and 96 unique institutions that is coupled with 10 in-depth interviews with leading academic and business individuals. Collaboration and building upon existing research from the EU HOME Survey (Jansen, 2016) and USA Grade Level repot (Allen & Seaman 2015) make this holistic and detailed research. Over 78% of the responses are from UK higher education institutions using the FutureLearn platform. The research data is open to all. Excellent collaboration and further analysis opportunities exist.

MOOCS have acted as catalysts of change – accelerating innovation occurring across institutions and campuses whilst also providing a focus for changing policy and practical approaches to blended, digital and distance learning - enabling these approaches to become the norm.

Find out how impacts from MOOCs changed expectations about online learning spaces, of on-campus teaching provision through blended learning, staff development and consistent approaches to pedagogical-driven use of technology in education.

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