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Visualising Social Learning for Discoverability

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Rebecca Ferguson
15 May 2017

Philip Tubman, Phillip Benachour and Murat Oztok

FutureLearn’s platform is grounded in Laurillard’s conversational framework: “..conversation at the level of actions where discussion is directed towards interpreting the learning materials”. What actions are we asking the learner to do? What does the platform ‘afford’? Activity based learning, like reciprocal teaching or jigsaw groups work in smaller classes, but needs rethinking at scale. Active learning concentrates on what the student does. I propose that extensions to the FutureLearn platform are required to initiate deep active learning, and have prototyped 2 visualisations: a word cloud, and ‘semantic speed dating’. Pedagogical activities around social tagging and summarisation should be considered.

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