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LOUIS Belle - Healthy eating design representations: The e-Design Template and 4Ts Model

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Belle Louis Jinot
17 May 2017

I prefer the e-Design Template as it encourages more collaborative learning: thee is much interactions between the tutor and the students as well as among the students themselves with a view to construct learning in a more effective manner. The various tasks and accessible resources in such learning design allow for leaners to scaffold and facilitate peer tutoing and peer learning. Indeed, this would definitely help the learners develop into self-organised learners who can manage their own learning and as and when required benfit from the coaching of the tutor who is always present to guide them through their learning as it is clearly indicated in the Figure 3 in the article. Moreoever, the learners have the opportunity to have feedback from the tutor who does much reflection from the ability of the learners in doing the set tasks at the different scaffolding phases. As an Open University lecturer, this model seems to be more applicable and user-friendly where tutoring and learning occur in a positive and constructivist learning environment. Online and distance learners will definitely find this type of learning design of their learning to be more appropriate and inducive to their learning. 

Though I should state that the 4Ts model was equally easily readable to me, yet the effectiveness of leraning and teaching lie into the use of the e-Design Template. The 4Ts model is more useful to the tutor than to the learners in terms of planning and tracking of the tutoing process. 

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