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H800 Healthy Eating Design Representations

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Bina Howard
6 June 2017

4Ts Model - I liked how each developmental process was described and mapped out visually.  The overall output of the process was clear and the understanding of each component comprehensive in comparison to other models such as the DPD which focused on principles. Each learning experience was broken down easily into the four facets and would be particularly useful in the events of an online session such as a webinar. This process could easily be adapted within my role as an internal verifier, breaking down the tasks for other participants, indicating a specific timeframe for each activity and acknowledging the team of assessors and the technology required for feedback, reflection and the opportunity for assssors to upload any assessment documents.

Reflecting on the design process is equally important, therefore with the inclusion of a SWOT analysis increased this representations usability factor further.  Like the 4Ts approach, I was very impressed with the 4SPPices framework with its social constructivist learning theory. I liked the ideology of knowledge sharing and with this model the sharing of ideas collectively in varied locations certainly spurred my interests further. This model allows for creativity from the participants and the opportunity to make, adjustments and modification to the design. Moreover, I liked how all aspects of the design process were clearly structured in this particular model.

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