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Informative webinars for prospective students

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Daniel Winterburn
7 June 2017


What was your role in the story? 

My role was to inform prospective students about the AAT qualification and give them guidance on studying the course. I therefore have delivered a series of webinars through Adobe Connect software where prospective students can log in remotely to the webinar and view a live presentation. I host them alongside guests which tend to be either tutors or representatives from training providers. 


The webinars occurred in the evening typically between 6pm-7pm. They were conducted using Adobe Connect software. The actors included: 

  • A host: myself, with full control over the webinar content and leading the presenting 

  • A co-presenter: typically a tutor or representative from a training provider 

  • Advisors: answering questions from prospective students during the webinar 

  • An audience: comprised mainly of prospective student


The main objective was to inform prospective students about the qualification in order that they can make the right decision about whether the course is appropriate for them. 


List the actions you took in chronological order. Note their effects – both expected and unexpected. Highlight any obstacles you encountered, and explain how you tried to overcome them. 

Content – prospective students are shown a series of slides with information based on common queries received into the Student Recruitment team. They are invited to ask questions throughout. 

Demonstration – they are given a demo of a learning platform from a training provider so they can see how it works. 

Polls – they are shown a series of polls relevant to the content which allows the audience to interact to questions asked throughout. 

Q and A session – there is a  Q and A session at the end lasting around 20 mins allowing the audience to field questions directly to a tutor. 


Unexpected or irrelevant questions – during the webinar prospective students can ask questions via a question box. This can be a distraction for other members of the audience. These are either dealt with by the advisors through private messaging or separately afterwards. 

Technological issues – some members of the audience were unable to view certain content due to technical reasons. They were assisted separately and given the content view individually. 

Success was measured by a series of feedback polls and surveys conducted afterwards. Prospective students were given a series of questions to answer about the qualification. Results from this tended to be fairly positive in that they answer the majority of questions correctly. They were then also asked a series of questions to ascertain how helpful they found the presentation. 

An improvement in terms of measuring success would be to track how many of them actually go on to start a course with a training provider. Also, it would be insightful to maintain contact with students who signed up off the back of webinar to see if turned out to be the correct long term decision for them.

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