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ESL for Adult Education

Learning anything should be fun

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Virginia Lawrence
2 March 2009

I feel that children learn best. If one can continue to learn as a child would learn, in a fun manner, then it is easier to become involved in your own adult education. I also believe that Jung was correct in his discription of learning style called "disequal librium" and the more information that you can take in at a time, helps promote learning and understanding ..

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Bob Keith
10:31pm 17 September 2009

Not a lot happening in online ESL here it seems - or am I missing something? Leads to discussions about online ESL would be very much appreciated.

Virginia Lawrence
11:42pm 17 September 2009 (Edited 11:59pm 17 September 2009)

Hello Bob, 

Accurate in that area. Please excuse the lack of ESL on Getsmartmoodle. I did have a teacher that started something from Brazil. But, not very much ever occured from this. I did attempt myself to put up writing and grammer work on Getsmartmoodle but it seems that my students didn't actually want to learn english. They seemed more interested in other matters such as how to become a US citizen.

If you have soluntions or want to start a ESL class on Getsmartmoodle please do feel free to start one. Just let me know what you want to do by contacting me at this email address: ... Thank you for your question and I hope to hear from you sometime. Jennie 

Peter Travis
8:26pm 7 October 2009 (Edited 11:29am 8 October 2009)

ESOL does appear to be a bit thin on the ground here but hopefully things will pick up. In the meantime, anyone thinking of using Skype for speaking and listening practice might be interested in the outputs of a recent presentation we gave on the ETAS SIG Day. Details can be found below. Anyone else using Skype for language learning?


Bob Keith
9:21pm 7 October 2009

G'day Peter,

I use Skype to run roleplays with ESOL learners - in the specific context of preparing overseas qualified health professionals for a pre-registration Speaking subtest.

I am very interested in the link you provide. Thanks for the lead.



Virginia Lawrence
9:55pm 7 October 2009

Hi, I just wanted to comment that posting your links is not here for you to advertise on .. Thank you ..


Peter Travis
10:49am 8 October 2009 (Edited 10:49am 8 October 2009)

Apologies Virginia - I'm still getting used to Cloudworks and clearly added links in the wrong area. I've now created a Cloud and will add appropriate links there.

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