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A PTE 9 Excerpt Sample for a Lecture/Book Promo

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james rivard
21 June 2017

If you follow this link:

There is a PTE video sample made with PTE 9.0.7 that is announcing a new book and lecture series on the History of Santa Barbara (USA).
This excerpt includes an introduction to the series - this intro is 1:48 in length. The sampler is downsized for internet connectivity, but
there are 4 examples of the actual output size as stills available for viewing. PTE was a perfect solution for this application.

These are COMP CONCEPTUALS and are not considered to be the final product. The final output (for display via a projection system) will be
1920x1080. The video found via the referenced link is a HTML5 mp4 file - the actual final version for venue presentation will be a MKV formatted video.

Please note - the token (public) video page referenced, offers NO video controls (it is an auto-start video) - The finished promo will have control options.

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