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online exam preparation

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online exam preparation
2 August 2017

Education is a main important factor in our day to day life. In twenty the century, the knowledge is get from only schools or books. The discovery of IT is changes the life of human. In 21st century, the development of internet performs a lot of changes in life. Now days we cannot leave without internet. IN the case of technology, we reach at top level. About education, the education system change due to internet. In last days we can study only the help of schools or teachers. Now days, the education system changes. We can study with help of internet is called online education. Online education is more helpful for students, employers, house wife’s etc.the main advantage of online education is, we can study any time and anywhere.thease days some of the institutes are provide online education system. In this system it works as a live class room. The teacher take the class, the student can attend classes at the same time and ask the doubts. The teacher clarified the doubts at the same time or next days. In case of employees, they can study after work. online exam preparation


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