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How to lose weight fast and keep it off

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9 September 2017

Great Reason Number 1

Drinking water is easier in the summer. Drinking water helps you to achieve weight loss, you should drink 3 liters of water per day if you are looking to lose weight, this is much easier to achieve when the sun is shining in the summer time!

Great Reason Number 2.

It is hard to drink diet shakes in the winter time, when summer time is here, enjoying a nice diet shake is much easier, and very refreshing. Diet meal (shake male) replacements are a great way to control your intake, get vitamins and minerals and encourage rapid weight loss in your body.

Great Reason Number 3

Ketosis is a natural process that means your body is burning your fat faster, this is achieved by following a low carb diet, one of the side effects of ketosis is that you can feel cooler than normal; this is a big benefit in the summer time!

Great Reason Number 4

Wearing summer clothes is very inspiring, just losing 1 or 2 stone can really improve how you look and feel in summer tops and shorts. You will have more confidence and enjoy the summer sunshine! Once the winter comes in it is easier to hide away under big baggy clothes, use the summer sunshine and the thought of wearing nice summer tops to inspire you to keep going.

Great Reason Number 5

If you don't get slim in the summer, you probably won't get slim before Christmas. If you started out this year with a goal of hoping to get slim and healthy and you haven't achieved this yet, the summer time really is the best time to get started, as once autumn comes in and then winter approaches, if you do not start now, the chances are that you won't start in October or November. Do you want to end this year overweight or do you want to look back and be glad you took action in the summer time to get slim?

If you are determined to get Slim for Summer then why not check out the Slim for Summer program created by Julie-Ann Muldoon at the New You Health Improvement Center. This 60-day program has been created for dieters in the UK and Ireland and provides dieters with the food for the body and the mind to create massive changes in their mind and body this summer. You can find out more about the New You Slim for Summer 60 Day Program to Lose 2 stone.

Trying to Lose Weight Fast is not always the best solution to an excess weight problem.

Losing weight fast is as simple as just not eating for an extended period and at the same time burning calories through exercise or spending hours in a sauna. Jockeys do this all the time at the end of the week so they can make weight for the races on the weekend.

But is this way of losing weight fast the best way to go when it comes back again just as quickly? Lose weight and keep it off should be the main priority. So how is this achieved?

Basically, it comes down to 2 key components (whether you like it or not), Diet and Exercise. And

the top 6 tips to lose weight AND Keep it off are.....

1. A good cardio workout between 5-7 am.

This will get your metabolism cranking ready for the day ahead. Why this time? According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), your energy at this time relates to transformation, getting rid of the wastes from the day before and starting anew. Also at this time, we are in the metal element of the daily cycle, metal controls wood and wood is connected to the liver which regulates the release of fat deposits.

If you are not into TCM then basically exercising first thing will get your metabolism going and you will feel better throughout the day. Try running or walking on soft sand, Hill walking, Skipping Rope, anything that will get you sweating for about 20-30 minutes. (Note if you are not used to this type of exercising first thing, build up slowly just start with brisk walking). Just think of Rocky getting up early for his morning run, (you don't have to do the 7 eggs first) he had the right idea.

2. Strength training -

The key to keeping a lean body for life is strengthening your muscles. Your metabolic rate increases in proportion to the amount of muscle you have. Meaning you will burn more calories even at rest than someone the same size but who has less lean body mass. Use full body exercises for best results as the more muscle you are working on at once the more calories you will burn.

3. Interval Training -

is the best cardio exercise for burning fat and is perfect for the majority of people who never seem to have enough time in the day. A 10-minute session can burn more fat and lose more sweat than you could in 1 hr at a steady pace.

4. Raw Foods -

One of the best ways to lose weight fast is to include more raw foods into your daily diet. Raw foods such as smoothies, salads, fresh juices (so much easier with so many juice bars around the place these days). Even try a raw restaurant instead of going to the local fast food joint or your normal list of places to dine out. You will be amazed at the variety and how good it is (you will not believe the desserts - yum).

5. Cleanse and Detox -

The human body is capable of getting rid of any toxic residue we ingest either through our foods, the environment or by other means, but in this era, a number of toxins that the average person takes in are much more than the body is capable of getting rid of. So what the body does is stores it mainly in the fat cells to protect the vital tissues and organs.

6. Bicycling-

Cycling is another easy way for losing you're over weight and keep it off permanently. You can ride your bicycle to reduce your fat.  You if want to read more check

Final words

Fat cells do not increase in number. They only increase in size as they store toxic reside. So by de-tox-ing and cleansing, the fat cells will shrink as toxins are forced out and expelled.

So How do you lose weight AND keep it off, which is the important thing? Cleanse/Detox, Cardio first thing in the morning, Strength Training, Interval Training and more Raw Foods. Incorporate these 5 principles into your weekly routine and you WILL LOSE WEIGHT FAST.

Steven is a Professional Masseuse & Part-Time Triathlete with over 3000hrs of study in Massage, Exercise Science, Nutrition and Health related topics. Click here for a FREE MINI-COURSE and information on the benefits of and How to detox and cleanse.

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