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alan das
20 September 2017

Marketing is an important role in an few years ago, marketing done by using poster or news in radio. After discovery of television, it change a our country. Also changes in bussiness marketing or publicity give through television. The publicity is an important in our business. After the discovery of internet, all of them use internet. Now days most of them use social media. Now a day’s most of the marketing done through social media. The publicity is an success in a business. Now a days seo have an main role in our life. The most commonly used search engines are google.these days we clarify our doubts through google.It give all most correct result. If we search any topic in a Google ,we most commonly take the first one. Digital marketing have an important role in our life. These days  we provide most of the marketing through the social media like facebook,whatsapp,twitter etc.

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