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Images on OER design & social practices

A series of reflective images to provoke discussion about OERs

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Gráinne Conole
4 March 2009

The following mix of images and presentation slides are intended as a backdrop to reflecting on the selection, design, use and evaluation of OER.

Use this cloud to record any reflections on how we as a community can create, research, share OER. We are also interested in how the new olnet initiative might help support this - what things would be useful? what are likely to be barriers and enablers?

The following link is to the flickr group which contains these images.


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Gráinne Conole
7:36am 4 March 2009

We are planning to use this visual representation as a background to a discussion exercise which focuses on three aspects:

1. Issues for OER research

2. Evidence from OER

3. Projects for OER

Alison Mead Richardson
11:07am 4 March 2009

Grainne asks for reflections on how we can create OERs.

I've just completed facilitating a 2 week workshop with teachers and distance educators in Botswana as part of a COL OERs initiative for open schooling. It seems to me that educators (and maybe distance educators in particular) are creating ERs all the time. The idea of making those ERs 'open' is not a problem ... at least not to educators in Africa. What excites us is the idea of sharing. Now we just have to learn the technology to enable us to share.

Barriers? Might be institutional ... in our part of the world, the 'Big (C)' usually belongs to the institution, not the individual. But some DE institutional managers are also excited by the prospect of OERs. Maybe I'm being too simplistic ...

Gráinne Conole
2:34pm 4 March 2009

Hi Alison 

 not simplistic at all i think these are good and important points. I agree sharing has alot of potential and does excite teachers - the trick is to harness the affordances of new technologies to facilitate sharing in new ways. That is partly what we are trying to do with developing this site - cloudworks - as a social networking site for sharing ideas and designs for learning and teaching.  

 Patrick's presentation on OLnet:

 OLnet is about building capacity, finding evidence and refining the issues in production and use of OERs. It is a bout community, research, gathering evidence and trying to help things happening. 

OLnet offers fellowships for researchers and practitioners who  wish to spend some time at the OU UK researching open learning.




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