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SAT: (Keynote) A reflection on learning gains through the engagement with informal learning opportunities in social media spaces (Sue Beckingham)

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Dr Simon Ball
21 December 2017

Over the last 5-6 years I have developed a valued  international learning network, through engaging in conversations and informal learning opportunities with other educators within social media spaces.  In my presentation I will share both the anticipated and the unexpected learning gains I have experienced; and how this form of open learning has impacted on my career.

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Katherine Hinchey
4:35pm 4 February 2018

I'm glad you will be joining us at the conference! I hope you will be able to give a few words of advice for people who are shy or otherwise reluctant to participate in social media. I'd also be interested in your thoughts about how social media will shape -- and be shaped -- by us, in (say) the next 10 years.

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