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Old School meets Web 2.0: Mixing established teaching methodology with innovative learning tools.

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Holger Goertz
24 January 2018

This presentation overviews and analyses a project in which 121 students from six different year groups, and 28 different nationalities collaborate on a common moral project, creating a website on which they will publish their research findings on the topic of climate change and species extinction.

The presentation will focus on how the use of Web 2.0 and OER have the potential to improve student engagement, hence optimising “the student experience and enhance the learning outcomes and development of students” (Trowler 2010, 3). It seeks to show that the use of Web 2.0 and OER in different languages can facilitate communication with a linguistically heterogenous group of students and subsequently enhance understanding and learning. 

Established old school teaching strategies-I.e.collaborative and constructivist learning are being mixed with innovative digital learning toolsopen educational resources (OER) and blended teaching strategies, to foster the linguistic and academic inclusion of all students.


The presentation intends to highlight why it is essential for teachers of all ages to not miss out on the educational opportunities Web 2.0 and OER bear, stimulating the digital literacy of both, students and teachers and offering the opportunity for students to become teachers, suggesting that it is the teacher’s rather than the student’s digital literacy that is challenged by this process.



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