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Review of 4Ts model and e-Design Templates - Anna Greathead

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Anna Greathead
28 March 2018


4Ts Model

The 4Ts model was well expressed using limited acronyms and jargon style terminology. Having 4 titles beginning with the same letter - though each with a relevant and distinct function - makes the template easy to remember and understand.I quickly understood the premis and added greater detail to my understanding as I read on.

e-Design Template

I found the text of the e-Design template page harder to understand but the graphic was extremely clear and enabled me to see how the system worked in practice. I think this system may be more appropriate when applied to a series of learning events as the move from closed tutor led activites to open student led acitivity is unlikely to happen quickly but these templates could track a gradual progress. 

Expressiveness and Utility


4Ts model

The graphic for 4Ts - the swim lane - was very clear and, I imagine, easy to use. The multiple lanes enable necessary concurrent activites to be planned for with the appropriate equipment, specific learning objective, environment and so on. Facility to pre-plan group sizes would make this quicker in the event. 

3-Design Template

I can easily imagine planning a learning activity and this system making me consciously choose more student led, and more open activites as part of the whole session. However - the actual lesson plan was not much more than a traditional list, albeit arranged in a useful grid. 



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