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Review of two Representations ( 4 Ts and e - Design Template ) and ? for Moulage for Minors

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Amanda Wilford
29 March 2018

 4 Ts Model

Readability and Expressiveness  : I found the 4Ts easy to read and understand and simple to follow. This would be a useful tool for new educators as it gives clear guidance , tasks are the learnining outcomes. team (s) the learners , time fo reach activity and technology the mode and methods. 

Utility : Great for classroom situations and I  think for more didactic sessions , for me in a simulated environment not useful as the Time T , Task T  are not as easily identified..

e - Design 

Readability and expressiveness - This one takes a little more time to work through as the different phases overlap and there is little detail in what the learnining outcomes are  and how they will be acheived . 

Utility - thsi is more suitable for curriulm or progarmme mapping , so how to set out what a learner should acheive for a large  range of outcomes or competencies , a semester or year . There is little detail fo rteh tutor with words such as " guide" " coach" and does  not specify how and what so for an expert tutor not a novice , The role of the student is implied so for ? post graduate level or a CPD activity . I really like it as in simulation based education this could be used as it shows the notion of mastery learning .

Thought Point - use e-Design as the moduleplan and 4Ts for the specifics ! 

In Moulage for Minors , I used STARR within the design narrative and for this group of learners the 4ts would have worked well as there was a set of tasks ( disaster drill , debrief, presentation , demo and competition) with  afixed time and the groups kept changing so this would have worked well. For this workshop the e-design would not have worked as it is too vague but if I  had been a permanent member of the cadet leadership thiscould be used to plan out the half year activites as I  could link to the cadet goals of the year . 

This exercise has made me reflect that when designing new activities you need to consider all avenues and not fall into using the same frameworks or templates - be curious ! 



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