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Sixbert's Design Native: Training design

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Sixbert SANGWA
30 March 2018

I haven't had chance to teach in a traditional classroom but sometimes fcilitate a number of employability trainings.  Training design costs me pretty of time, either in conducting needs assessments or in developing the materials, relevant to the context and to the oragnizational goals.

Part of my time is spent wondering about that exact thing that I want participants to learn. Sometimes,in humanitarian context, this is taken from the project proposal, skills gap assessment report or simply  a quick assessment.  Always needs vary depending on the situation: Age, education level, culture, vulnerability aspect, etc. In a typical refugee camp located in a country where unemployment seems to be high, many of my employability trainings have been focusing on entrepreneurship and self-employment rather than focusing on job search skills. 

About material design, time is mostly spent on defining training outcomes and relevant materials to be used as well as the delivery methods. Most of time no mpowerpoint in emergency refugee camps. However, in all cases, we need text documents grounded on learning objectives. These documents can include images, graphs and sometimes artefacts. Text should absolutely arranged in hierarchical order such that as the learner progress in reading, discovers new horizons and gain indepth undertand of the course, leading to set outcomes.

Apart from text based learning, many of my trainings also have a number of workshops and learner specific tasks that promote interaction. Most of topics are discussed in small groups and learners' presentations. In terms of AM and PM, I think this is a combination of both explicit and implicity methods of teaching and both work for better.

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