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Sixbert SANGWA: Comparing representations: healthy eating

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Sixbert SANGWA
1 April 2018

I looked at the 4Ts model and the e-Design template, they are all interestingly well-structured with progressive activities, highlighting the type of interaction involved. I found them very readable and lesson properly chunked. I liked the graphic used and I think they can all apply to a scenario like “Health Eating”, which I think may not need a lot of self-managed learning. Although each has its specific advantage, they all lack open activities at this stage.

I feel familiar with the 4Ts, when planning training with my fellow trainers but use to comment on its lack of broader learning experience because everything is structural, time-bound and managed. However, it’s very useful in terms of promoting interaction and looking at interdependencies.

On the e-design template, the table makes easy to understand. I think it’s more expressive since it involve teacher/learner/groups interactions, hence can easily develop learner independency. Giving a syllabus to learners before using this approach would be more beneficial.

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