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Glynn Hinchcliiffe - Design Representations

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Glynn Hinchcliffe
1 April 2018

4 T's Model

I think this model has good readability. Using the swim lane approach provides opportunity to identify which 'T' is independently, although each impacts upon and  influences the others. according to the learning design grid,, each component is dealt with in no pre-determined or mandatory order. I would suggest that if I were to implement this model I would gravitate towards setting out the Tasks first then take it from there. This type of design gives a clear structure/flow and could lend itself to different teaching and training settings. I use a similar approach to session design although with different headings. I can see this model helping me when I am planning online/collaborative sessions.

e-Design Model

This model has a clear emphasis on learners and the scaffolding of learning that helps them become self-organised. It appears to be aimed at programme design rather than session design in this respect, although the example shown at, appears to be for a single session. I feel that I would be able to use this as the table/template is very clear and easy to understand, communicating the aspects of the design well.

Looking back to 1b

In respect of my activity 1b, neither model would seem appropriate as I focused on the design on a single video for staff training and these models are session/programme design models that I feel do not lend themselves to single deliverables.

Looking forwards

I feel that the use of these design models could help with the teaching that I do, and the e-Design model especially, as I create a lot of VLE spaces and content. I do envisage it being really useful for my HE teaching as there is a requirement for 40% of these programmes to be online, although 100% of the content/activities is actually made available online over the period of the course.

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