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Learning Google Analytics

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Dirk Pilat
3 April 2018


A learner


To improve the ongoing evaluation of uptake of our content, the organisation I work for decided to use Google analytics. So I could relieve my team with the monitoring of the user data, we decided that I should have a day’s tutorial to better grasp the many deatures of Google Analytics. This happened in the rooms of a media training provider with three other students last year, all of us sitting in front of our laptops, tutored by a trainer.  


I was attempting to improve my knowledge of Google Analytics (GA) and to get comfortable with its many options.


I watched youtube videos at home to learn the basics of GA, asked my colleagues for input and subsequently used a day’s study leave for GA training. This was a lovely experience, thanks to an excellent trainer and real life exercises. Any lack of progress could be remedied with help from fellow students and tutor.


Outcomes were as expected: I am more comfortable using GA, the team has benefited from more equal distribution of work when collating statistics, I can use GA to create adhoc numbers when necessary.


This was a lovely geeky experience, due to the mixture of
a) interesting topic
b) great tutor
c) comfortable surroundings
d) immediate, real life usability

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Belinda Brown
9:58am 4 April 2018

Very interesting design narrative Dirk. I too would have enjoyed this 'geeky' experience and I am already making plans to check it out on You Tube and see how if it can fit in with my own use of google.

Your design narrative is very clear and informative and makes easy reading and a good visual. 

Jill Bamber
10:34am 4 April 2018

I agree with Belinda, Dirk; your Design Narrative is straightforward and easy to follow. I enjoyed reading it.


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