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Learning Google Analytics

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Dirk Pilat
3 April 2018


A learner


To improve the ongoing evaluation of uptake of our content, the organisation I work for decided to use Google analytics. So I could relieve my team with the monitoring of the user data, we decided that I should have a day’s tutorial to better grasp the many deatures of Google Analytics. This happened in the rooms of a media training provider with three other students last year, all of us sitting in front of our laptops, tutored by a trainer.  


I was attempting to improve my knowledge of Google Analytics (GA) and to get comfortable with its many options.


I watched youtube videos at home to learn the basics of GA, asked my colleagues for input and subsequently used a day’s study leave for GA training. This was a lovely experience, thanks to an excellent trainer and real life exercises. Any lack of progress could be remedied with help from fellow students and tutor.


Outcomes were as expected: I am more comfortable using GA, the team has benefited from more equal distribution of work when collating statistics, I can use GA to create adhoc numbers when necessary.


This was a lovely geeky experience, due to the mixture of
a) interesting topic
b) great tutor
c) comfortable surroundings
d) immediate, real life usability

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