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Mohammad Aminul Islam
4 April 2018


In 2012, under BRAC University, I was working as a team leader of  UNICEF funded project to develop an English module for underprivileged school dropout children who were under different vocational institutes.

Background information

Before developing module we went in several vocational institutes to assess level of English (whether they can read or write) of the target group students. Unfortunately the stakeholders brought in front of us the student with good level of literacy skills. Accordingly, keeping on mind with the students’ ability to read and write the expert developed the module. In reality most of the student couldn’t read English and many of them had no literacy. Apparently, in the pilot phase of material testing the material developers realized that the module they developed can’t cater the need of all the students.


During the pilot phase, our material developers were asked to spend more time with the beneficiaries and revise the materials for teaching on the spot.( Since we didn’t have much time). For the whole process we were divided in several groups like one group developed the the materials and lesson plans. The other group tested the materials among the students with different level. The group used to do ‘process writing’ for us.


 We could manage to submit a good module for the project in the end with the help of the whole team.


I was initially a ‘disaster’ as we were entrapped with wrong information. Depending only one source of information might lead us into trouble. So, it is important to consider different insights before starting a work and judge them minutely. In addition to that, getting ready with a contingency plan may help us to avoid any kind of unexpected trouble.

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